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I'm not listening to you I am wandering right through resistance With no purpose and no drive 'Cause in the end we're all alive, alive Two thousand years I've been awake Waiting for the day to shake To all of you who've wrong | Pretty Reckless

Words can't express what you mean to me Even though you're gone, we still a team Can't imagine all the pain I feel Give anything to hear half your breath I know you in heaven smiling down In my heart is where I keep you Memories give me the | Sting feet. Puff Daddy

When The Reds Go Marching In The reds are coming up the hill, boys, They all laugh at us, they all laugh at us, They all say our days are numbered Victorious are we, If you wanna win the cup, then you`d better hurry up, Cos Liverpool FC | The Kop

All the energy that You throw at the search for weaknesses in others, it is better to use for peaceful purposes with the drawbacks we work independently. | vbots.ru

[Kickstart] Would have done more than anything Back then to make you smile oohh To the end of the earth and back To protect all that we had Now its done now it\'s done And Im gone I\'m gone But youre back here in my face S | [JLS]

Tonight we're going all the way You want my lips to kiss the pain away Body to body we can cause a flame We can ignite, ignite, ignite You wanna dance you wanna move I'm on a mission to just Take you to the moon We like to party we're in the | Enrique Iglesias feat. Jennifer Lopez

need (I'm not quite sure how to breathe without you here I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to all we were Be with me Stay with me Just for now Let the time decide When I won't need you My hand searches for your hand In | Hana Pestle

I'm not quite sure how to breathe without you here.I'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to all we were.be with me.stay with me.just for now.let the time decide whe I won't need u.my hand searches for your hand.in the dark of room | hana pestle

А мы не ангелы, парень | А мы не ангелы, парень

а мы , не мы | kerwprod

А мы, не мы | ДТЛ x Kate Nova

А мы, не мы | Kate Nova

А мы не мы | Мэд Вокс

НЕ АНГЕЛЫ | А мы не ангелы

Девочка,я не смогу найти тебе замену.Да,я не хочу,знай.Принимай меня,таким,какой я есть.Пусть,иногда между нами жесть..Приехал твой любимый мальчик.Наберёшь номерок на телефонной трубочке.И вот он я тутачкиКогда,не рядом ты,мир будто рушится..самая | T1One и Юлианна Караулова - Ты не представляешь как мне хорошо,когда ты целуешь меня а ещё..Ты моё облачко в юбочке.Девочка - незабудочка.Как мне хорошо с тобой.Мокрые бульвары,глазки светятся.Нам очень повезло с тобой встретится. Девочка,я не смогу найти