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Текст песни

Yo is the people still out there
doin' drugs, keepin' all real
yo, what would you do, if somebody step to you?

What would you do
if somebody stepped to you
and what would you say
if crime was your only way
would you run, would you fight
would you choose wrong or right
if the choice was on you
oh what would you do
hit 'em low, hit 'em down low
hit 'em low, hit 'em down
hit 'em low, hit 'em down low
hit 'em low

now close your eyes, once more here's a door
share a vision you never seen before
sometimes the attack is from the back
'cause it ain't where you from it's where ya at
we all had perfect schemes to seem clean
later on it would swallow our dreams
it's the norm to catch the block warm
vision yourself and be at norm
now walkin' home alone one night
somethin' vague is standin' in the sight
sometimes my homies had to bang
it's an everyday thing when you sellin' that crack, cocaine
as walk close to his right, he's layin' there cold and to the side
oh my god I can see where the bullet went through
tell me what would you do
you ready? down low is back

come with me to a place that's dark and cold
stand bold and let the next story unfold
picture you and me sittin' on a roof
here's the proof, travel back in time to my youth
"there's so many ways to get pay", shouted Ray
"let's hurry now to the alley-way where they stay"
he passed my a shiny 45, I asked why, feel the fear deep inside
"are you down with me eternally?"
decision think in time I don't wanna be where I be
now sweat is droppin' off my face
in this case my mind and actions can't keep the pace
Yo, nervous shakin' from my hands way down to my shoes
tell me what would you do
nervous shakin' from my hands way down
now what would you do?

I can feel it deep inside
and I am runnin' out of time
I'm thinking, I'm leaving
got to kill with a slash
seekin' the answer and then I walk into death

Видеоклип Do As Infinity -魔法の言葉~Would you marry me?~- HEY3

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