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Добавил: 2017-02-01 | Посетило: 431 | Время: 03:19 | Исполнитель: Father John Misty

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Текст песни

Close your eyes now, shut them tight
Maybe you'll sleep right through the night
And perhaps the visions that plague your mind
For one merciful night, will finally subside
Of a corridor lined with portraits of you
That're screaming your name, as you look for the room
Where you left your phone and your reptile mask
Your blood diamond scarab and human hair hat
As you're frantically scanning your spherical map
Which suddenly morphs into the face of your dad
Shaking his head in the far right field stands
And you realize your penis has become detached
You discover the circuitry under your skin
At the moment the orgy's supposed to begin
All your coworkers are waiting for you to start
Except now you're all standing in your childhood yard
And they're pointing at the pile of birds in the yard
That you hid behind the shed in the corner of the yard
The dead birds you collected and hid in the yard
That your neighbor set fire to in the corner of the yard
Oh, the smell of dead birds that are burning in the yard
The pile of dead birds that you worked on so hard
And you grab your mom's shin and you beg her for help
And she tells you that bird burning boys go to hell
Before maggots erupt from a crease in the sheets
Which are suddenly a patchwork of Lunchable meats
That a man dressed in white lies says backwards to eat
Or you'll have to sing Stephen Colbert right to sleep
For millions of people on national TV
And you're standing stark naked covered with tattoos
You have no recollection of agreeing to
And the audience gets bored and they all start to boo (this sucks)
You forget how to walk and your teeth become loose
You're telling strange people this isn't your life
Or maybe, sweet one, you won't have nighares tonight

Видеоклип Премьера клипа 2015 !!! Misty. Знаешь, мама

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