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Текст песни

though our time alone was short,
i still hear the birds sing,
we may never have the time,
to see what love to see what love can bring,
oh my love i just wanna make you mine

i recall the nigh we met there was musicin the air,
cant forget the warmth of your embrace,
and when we danced i could feel your loving care,
but u left not a shadow not a trace.

and i will always be there for you every single day,
even if you can not see me i will never go astray,
a love like ours can even stand the test that time will brin,
so much more than a fling

even if you love so i can only wait so long,
time has passed and i starting to forget,
could it be could it be that i was wrong,
wrong about the nigh we met


dont think that u can treat me just like anyother girl.
ive waited for your love to take me to another world.
and now i see you never cared about me in that way.
my love has gone away.

Видеоклип Niki Zahariev - Magic

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