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Your bowed head, cupped palms [degenerate]
Sessile motives [morality]
Nervous withdrawl [you'll soon forget]
Go unnoticed [loom over me]
Breath writhes through a heretic's arid jaw.
Your stiffened joints have brought you to this.
Leeching in crepuscular light to exist.
Sarcophaga nodosa, scavenge on remains.
It all dries and dies eventually.
You're staring with disgust at the basin crafted from avarice.
All the pleas and the screams, "I have nothing to do with this."
What do you think that you deserve in turn for aimless strides?
Breaking at the makeshift seams of tact worthlessness recognized.
Hindsight bestowed upon predecessent seers. Illusory pleading falls on the deaf ears of the wise.
Nail your lips together and your hand behind your back.
Give it up.
Hunched over in sickness still begging. You live so desperate.
The resin of what you can offer (projections desolate).
You bind me, inscribing guilt into an innocent slate.
Infecting feeble minds, your ideals plague those who tread the wake.

Видеоклип [This Is Not For You.] - Anton-Babinski Syndrome

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